Eezy Group specialises in asset tracking, valuation, storage and disposal through our integrated physical storage and online platform solutions.

By allowing us to focus on your asset valuation and sale through our online bidding platform, you maximise both your productivity and profitability when it comes to asset disposal

Through our wide range of service offerings including financing and insurance of assets for third party buyers, we can unlock your assets true value through our disposal mechanisms

Valuations - We bring consistency to asset appraisals and valuations, enabling businesses to uncover the value of their assets with precision and confidence

Storage – All of our storage facilities are fully insured, walled, protected with comprehensive security including CCTV, lighting and back up power.

Sales – Our dedicated online platform provides transparency for both buyer and seller, ensuring confidence for both parties in the sale transaction.

Allow Eezy Group to fetch the best price for your assets with minimal effort required

How it Works:

  1. Asset Preparation - We prepare your assets for sale by capturing high quality photos and uploading key specifications onto our online platform
  2. Asset Valuation – Our dedicated team will assist in determining the best market price to sell your asset
  3. Auction & Sales – Eezy markets and sells your assets to our network of thousands of registered users through our transparent bidding platform.
  4. Documentation & Payment – Eezy concludes the payment and transfer process on your behalf ensuring every asset transaction is secure for both parties

Eezy as that!

For Sellers

We provide inspection, valuation and marketing solutions to help our clients find and maximise their asset values

Become a Seller

For Buyers

Our auction technology ensures your bidding and buying experience is seamless and straightforward.

How it Works
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